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PV CYCLE offers collective and tailor-made waste management and legal compliance services for companies and waste holders in the European Union.

While our services have a special focus on solar energy equipment and photovoltaic production scrap, our service portfolio includes a broad range of waste products:

  • PV module waste
  • Electrical and electronic equipment waste
  • Battery waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Packaging waste
  • Production scrap

Legal compliance

Although manufacturers, importers and rebranders of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE, also PV) and batteries do not sell waste products, legislators demand exhaustive waste management requirements from them: Anyone putting these products on the market of the European Union – also online shops inside or outside of the Union – is considered to be responsible for take-back, treatment, financing and declaration of their products.

PV CYCLE enables these companies to comply with their legal obligations – in an easy and cost-effective way. What’s more, members and their customers benefit from our collective, non-profit approach and a dedicated take-back network for better collection. Our legal compliance services cover the following requirements:

  • • Registration & Declaration

    Companies have to register their company and declare the products they put on the market. Declaration periods vary by Member State.

    • At PV CYCLE we offer a centralized registration and declaration platform for a series of waste products in one or multiple EU countries
    • We register your company at the national WEEE Register(s) and periodically report for you the products you put on the market or have been declared as waste
    • We free you from tracking national deadlines and are the first point of contact for authorities
  • • Take-back & Treatment

    Companies need to ensure a comprehensive take-back and waste treatment infrastructure for their products.

    • Our expert network works throughout the European Union and offers collection via own or municipal collection points and a tailor-made pick-up service (to see which collection service applies to your product and country, consult our national websites or send an email to
    • PV CYCLE is known for setting the benchmark in recycling and disposal. Especially in the solar industry our recycling partners outperform industry and WEEE standards
    • We guarantee that all collected products are also treated, exclusively using best available techniques
  • • Financing

    Companies have to provide a financial solution to cover the administrative and operational aspects of collecting and treating their waste products. National financing obligations vary from adhoc payments to financial guarantees. Some countries also hold back subsidies to assure waste management.

    • Our financing solutions cover any national financing obligation
    • As member of a collective scheme, you may be freed from separate financing in some countries
    • As non-profit organization, PV CYCLE applies a fair and transparent pricing policy
  • • Information & Labeling

    Companies have to inform their customers on correct waste disposal and provide treatment facilities with their products’ composition and use of hazardous materials. Products have to carry company information such as brand, logo, ID Nr. or other. EEE products – also PV modules – need to be additionally marked with the crossed-out wheelie bin.

    • PV CYCLE frees members from their campaigning and information services thanks to our collective market campaigns and comprehensive marketing material for the points of sale
    • PV CYCLE also works with treatment facilities on our members’ products
    • PV CYCLE represents members towards authorities
  • • Authorized Representative

    An Authorized Representative is a mandatory legal compliance obligation for companies directly selling to households through online sales shops. These companies must mandate a national Authorized Representative.

    Through our partner company WEEE-AR we offer Authorized Representative services under national WEEE legislation.

Good to know

PV CYCLE is the world’s first collective take-back and recycling scheme for PV modules. Because of our unsurpassed treatment technologies and exhaustive collection solutions, PV CYCLE is the only accredited legal compliance scheme for PV module waste in France and Belgium today.


Tailor-made solutions

Companies interested in waste management as part of their environmental commitment or after- sales service can benefit from our tailor-made solutions for a variety of waste products. These service packages are applicable to WEEE, battery, packaging and industrial waste. If you have other waste products, please send us an email for more information.

Company solutions

PV CYCLE offers a company-individual collection and treatment solution for production and/or post-production waste. This solution is limited to the countries and waste products as defined between the company and PV CYCLE. A global scope is possible.

Dismantling & Packaging

Waste holders with a dismantling need can benefit from a comprehensive decommissioning service for PV installations, covering dismantling by professionals and waste packaging. Our dismantling service is limited to PV projects.

Consultancy & Marketing

The PV CYCLE portfolio includes a wide range of consultancy solutions such as in-house trainings, support with tenders/scorecards/indexes and the development of corporate waste management programs. We also offer campaigning and representation solutions designed to promote the environmental commitment of our members.

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