PV CYCLE and RECYCLE PV SOLAR announce integrated partnership for recycling in USA

RECYCLE PV SOLAR and PV CYCLE join forces to offer a cost-efficient and sustainable solution by PV experts

RECYCLE PV SOLAR and PV CYCLE today announced the start of an integrated partnership between two organizations promoting solar PV recycling and waste treatment of all components of a PV system. This partnership allows both companies to quickly ramp up a nation-wide management of decommissioned PV Power plants collection and treatment for discarded solar panels.

Over 7 million tons of photovoltaic panels have been installed in the United States and one day they will all reach the end of their life cycle. Today already PV Panels and inverters are returning due to transport or installation damage, severe weather conditions and warranty claims.

For owners of PV Systems, RECYCLE PV SOLAR and PV CYCLE create now the lean and mean service for re-use, recycling and treatment of decommissioned PV Power plants and components discarded PV Panels and systems.

«Our mission is to keep PV waste out of landfills and to properly treat all the components. » said Sam Vanderhoof, CEO of RECYCLE PV SOLAR

«Today, the know-how and the eleven years’ experience of collecting and treating PV waste of PV CYCLE go beyond Europe, as a consequence of our business which acts on a global scale. »  said Jan Clyncke, CEO of PV CYCLE.

By leveraging on each other’s strengths and capabilities, together, PV CYCLE and RECYCLE PV SOLAR look forward to many successful operations together as we begin to deliver world-class quality solutions and services to turn the complete solar value chain in the Circular Economy.

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Recycle PV Solar, LLC is the first and only dedicated company in the photovoltaic industry to offer a comprehensive nationwide PV recycling program in the USA. We streamline the process by offering a cost-effective collection and processing service with built-in incentives that encourage participation within the solar industry and beyond. For more information, visit www.recyclepvsolar.com


PV CYCLE is a collective compliance and waste management scheme for WEEE and Battery products, with a special focus on solar energy system equipment. Founded in 2007 by and for the PV industry, PV CYCLE set the benchmark for PV waste treatment and is today’s clear leader in the sector. The organization offers its services throughout the world, including Europe’s biggest PV markets such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. To learn more about what we do and why we do it, visit www.pvcycle.org


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