Miss Éco-participation explains waste responsibility for PV owners and companies

Educational video for French PV industry

Paris, September 6th, 2016 – For the second anniversary of PV waste legislation in France, PV CYCLE presents Miss Éco-participation – a comic version of the mandatory visible fee on newly sold PV modules in France. In a 3-minute video PV CYCLE and its charismatic hero explain the value of sustainable waste management for the market and society.

On August 23rd, 2014 the French government transposed Directive 2012/19/EU into national law, making collection, treatment and all related administration a legal requirement for those bringing PV modules into the French market. With decree 2014-928 integrating PV modules in the so-called Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) legislation, manufacturers, importers, distributors as well as module owners became subject to French waste management obligations, including a mandatory fee.

Known as eco participation, the visible fee finances all aspects of a sustainable, nation-wide Producer responsibility system in the PV industry without that waste holders have to pay extra at the time their modules reach the end of the lifetime.

While it demonstrates environmental responsibility and gives financial security to the industry and society, the eco participation also serves as the ultimate proof of WEEE compliance. About 85% of the PV modules sold in the French market were properly declared last year, resulting in Europe’s best PV compliance rate so far.

With their new video, PV CYCLE France wants to better educate PV professionals and the public on PV end-of-life management. To watch the video, click here or visit our YouTube channel.

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