Belgian PV industry sets cornerstone for sustainable investment

Industry associations create PV CYCLE BELGIUM to commence execution of imminent WEEE law

Brussels, May 23rd, 2016 – On July 1st, 2016 Belgian WEEE legislation is going to come into force, and with it a visible fee for sustainable waste management applicable to each newly sold PV module.   

The decision to apply a visible fee on PV modules brings financial certainty for future owners and investors of PV installations and confidence in the environmental benefits of solar modules. A so-called environmental contribution, it will ensure the full coverage of take-back and recycling obligations along a module’s lifetime.

The Belgian law follows an EU-wide implementation of a mandatory take-back and recycling obligation on PV modules, also known as the WEEE Directive. Both manufacturing as well as distributing companies fall under the scope of WEEE. In Belgium, especially importing wholesalers or installers are expected to fulfill the criteria of the so-called first marketer, and hence have to become compliant.

To facilitate compliance with the financial, administrative and operational obligations under WEEE, an own eco-organism has been founded for the PV industry. Under the name of PV CYCLE BELGIUM asbl, the industry associations Eloya, Fedelec, FEE, Nelectra and PV-Vlaanderen joined forces to offer compliance and waste management solutions to any natural or legal person falling under the responsibilities of Belgian WEEE.

PV CYCLE BELGIUM is a non-profit, members-based organization accredited by the Belgian authorities. The foundation follows three years of intensive negotiations with industry representatives and the authorities to ensure a holistic investment plan on sustainable waste management.

Not exceeding one percent of the overall system cost of a standard household PV installation in Belgium, the visible fee proved to be the best option to ensure that PV module waste does not become an issue for our society – today and in the future.

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