Quality & Environment

We have the mission to always offer our members best-in-class waste management and legal compliance services.

Comprehensive expertise

A global waste management broker, PV CYCLE works with a large partner network consisting of collection, transport, recycling and WEEE specialists. Thanks to our partnerships we can offer members expert solutions from all parts of waste management, throughout the globe and for a large number of waste products.

PV CYCLE is an ISO-certified company with a long track-record in industry milestones.


To offer high-quality solutions and protect the environment we subject our services and decisions to our ISO-awarded quality and sustainability procedures. PV CYCLE and its staff are committed to acting responsibly and to providing solutions that are simple and visionary at once. Our network partners are selected based on their technological and environmental excellence and must meet our high quality and sustainability standards. PV CYCLE regularly audits its partners and internal procedures ensure that our environmental commitment and high quality promise are met.

Better take-back

At PV CYCLE we put a lot of our efforts in easy and comprehensive take-back. Only by enabling waste holders to discard their products in a hassle-free manner we can ensure that their waste is also treated. Therefore, PV CYCLE has developed a collection network that is substantially different from others: besides municipal collection points, PV CYCLE members and their customers also benefit from own collection points, distributor programs and a unique on-site pick-up service.


At PV CYCLE we only apply so-called Best Available Techniques. What’s more, every technology applied within our scheme is evaluated based on its cost-value to ensure that our non-profit character is met throughout the business.

Our waste management services have the goal to recover as many materials as possible. PV CYCLE guarantees that every collected product is also treated.


As part of our mission, PV CYCLE also participates in a series of national and international R&D projects. This enables us to drive technological advancements forwards and to promote investments in the recycling industry. Find here an overview of our R&D projects.