A non-for-profit member-based organization, PV CYCLE offers both collective and tailor-made waste management and legal compliance services for companies and waste holders around the world.

With the mission in mind to always offer our members and their customers best-in-class solutions, PV CYCLE has become the preferred waste management partner for companies with extensive sustainability needs. Our solutions are known for setting the benchmark and include all aspects of waste management. PV CYCLE offers members and waste holders better access to take-back and can ensure recycling rates above the industry standards.

Founded in 2007 by and for the PV industry, PV CYCLE today includes a broad range of electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, packaging and industrial waste in its portfolio. The organization has national representations and partnerships throughout the globe. 

Comprehensive Expertise

An industry-based organization, PV CYCLE knows the substantial priorities and needs of our members and their products – enabling us to offer services that are simply closer to the market.

While we were founded with PV modules in mind, our product scope includes many other products such as inverters, batteries, industrial waste or production scrap. As a truly one-stop-shop solution, our services range from collective and individual waste management to legal compliance, consultancy and representation.


PV CYCLE members benefit from all the advantages a collective scheme brings: from lower costs and bigger volumes to risk sharing and a single voice in the industry.


Independent from investors and recycling companies, our assets stay within the association. A non-profit organization, PV CYCLE is a member association and designs services and prices with its members’ priorities in mind.

Fair & Sustainable

PV CYCLE adheres to the principles of best practice. Best available techniques, transparent prices, fair partnerships and sustainable solutions are what drive us in our daily business.

Our Team

An experienced team with technical and waste management knowledge manages our daily business. PV CYCLE staff reflects the international, dynamic attitude of our members and their products.

Interested in our organization and services, then contact our team or send an email at info@pvcycle.org.